Why do we need to move?

The human body has over 600 awe-inspiring muscles – we’re clearly designed to move¹⁺². But it can be a challenge to remember to move regularly³. The average person sits for 9 hours a day⁴.

Did you know?

87% of people suffer from joint pain⁸.
Yet, only 18% of pain sufferers think of using movement to manage their pain⁹.

Make movement a habit

Moving regularly is a habit, and forming a new habit isn’t easy. Behavioural scientist Dr B.J Fogg of Stanford University suggests that there are three key components to making it work for you: triggers, ability and motivation⁷.

Triggers: Anything could be your trigger to move, every time you look at your watch, whenever you finish a task or at the end of an episode when you’re watching TV. Think about the times you find yourself sitting for long periods and come up with a trigger to help you break it up.

Ability: Secondly, you must have the ability to do the new habit, in this case you need to be able to move for 2 minutes. It might sound easy for some, but if you’re in pain it can become a challenge. Our product range is here to help you get moving again.

Motivation: Finally, you need the motivation to keep doing it. No matter who we are, we all struggle to find the right motivation to get moving. So when it’s time to move, try listening to some motivational music.


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